EXALEAD CloudView 360

for Search-Based Applications in the Enterprise

The Fast, Easy and Flexible Way to Create Enterprise SBAs

EXALEAD CloudView™ 360 is a powerful infrastructure for rapidly creating enterprise business applications with a 360° view of information. The package consists of the award winning EXALEAD CloudView search-based application (SBA) platform plus a suite of plug-and-play modules especially designed for today's complex information ecosystems.

Vision, Context, Agility...


  • Enhance productivity
  • Make smarter decisions organization-wide
  • Increase revenue through sales recommendations
  • Lower costs through more effective monitoring and reduced development and integration costs
  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace through innovation

Leading organizations like Faurecia, PSA - Peugeot Citro ën, Natixis, Gefco, Jaspersoft, Lagardère Active, La Poste, Randstad and Sanofi Aventis R&D are using CloudView SBAs to:

  • Rapidly achieve a federated 'virtual' view of information across diverse systems (CRM, ERP, SCM, PLM, etc.)—without data integration
  • Make the content in complex, specialist systems accessible to non-specialist users through natural language technologies
  • Enrich and contextualize structured data with qualitative unstructured content (Web, chat, email, multimedia, social networks, etc.)
  • Break through database-related performance, scalability and usability issues by offloading information retrieval tasks to CloudView
  • Deliver real-time reporting and ad hoc analysis over all data dimensions
  • Boost agility by deploying new applications in days or weeks, with zero impact on production systems

Download our Product Brief, CloudView 360 for Search-Based Applications in the Enterprise to learn more.

Value for All Divisions

Below are some of the typical horizontal deployments for EXALEAD CloudView™ 360. What can 360 do for you today?

  • Customer Service & Support
  • Sales Support (CRM, Telemarketing)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Compliance & eDiscovery
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Logistics, Track & Trace
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Competitive Intelligence (CI)

360 Components

The plug-and-play modules packaged with EXALEAD CloudView 360 include:

  • EXALEAD CloudView
    Robust search-based application platform uniquely designed for both the Web and the enterprise
  • Mashup Builder
    Drag-n-drop tool for rapid prototyping and development
  • Semantic Factory
    Industrial auto-classification and alignment of heterogeneous content
  • Business Console
    Point and click control over relevancy
  • Trusted Queries
    Auto-suggestion and auto-navigation leveraging an existing data schema

Learn more about the EXALEAD CloudView 360 Modules.

CloudView 360 Modules

The CloudView 360 modules were developed in collaboration with our clients and Systems Integration partners over the course of SBA deployments, and are engineered to make the development of SBAs fast, easy and flexible. Seamlessly plugging into the EXALEAD CloudView platform, these modules include the Mashup Builder, the Semantic Factory, the Business Console and Trusted Queries.

MASHUP BUILDER: Drag'n'Drop Development

The Mashup Builder is a Drag'n'Drop interface for rapidly prototyping and deploying SBAs. Using the Mashup Builder, you can prototype a robust, full-featured business application in just minutes, with final iterations released in anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Simply drag and drop feeds from one or multiple data sources into the Mashup Builder (your CloudView index, databases, the Web, etc.) then drag and drop design widgets for search, presentation and/or reporting into a web page template.


  • Fast application prototyping and development
  • Add contextual depth to applications without the overhead of conventional data integration or Web service mashups

SEMANTIC FACTORY: Industrial Grade Semantic Processing

The Semantic Factory brings industrial automation to the process of aligning and enriching heterogeneous data. It enables you to automatically:

  • Structure unstructured content according to your own business needs and rules
  • Extract the full range of semantic information embedded in structured resources (attributes, relationships, hierarchies...)
  • Align all resources (structured and unstructured) into a single, meaningfully structured resource

The Semantic Factory further gives you the flexibility to select a master data ontology (extracted, imported or created) around which you may wish to align your SBA, with the system automatically applying this ontology to all underlying analysis, indexing and search configuration processes.


  • Makes unstructured data exploitable
  • Enables uniform, robust access and reporting against heterogeneous data
  • Automates processing of large data volumes

BUSINESS CONSOLE: Point and Click Relevancy Control

The Business Console gives non-technical, line-of-business managers point and click control over relevancy, enables them to easily prioritize specific content in search results, and to continually monitor and tune search performance.


  • Greater application relevance through the engagement of subject matter experts
  • Improved buy-in through expanded ownership

TRUSTED QUERIES: A New Way to Navigate Structured Data


"Search-based applications create a polished, integrated work environment for information workers for eDiscovery, sales, research, reputation monitoring, voice of the customer, or customer support. The work environment hides the complexity of the underlying multiple information sources and applications."

– IDC, Information Access in Tomorrow's Enterprise
Download the IDC Executive Brief

Trusted Queries offers a groundbreaking way of navigating databases and other structured data sources. Based on advanced semantic mining of structured data and data schemas, the module actively proposes search and navigational options to users via a drop down menu appended to a familiar search text box.

For example, if you deploy Trusted Queries for an SBA built on top of a CRM system, you could begin typing a search term in a text box, or simply place your cursor in that box, and a drop-down menu of auto-suggestions for relevant data and data categories would appear (e.g., Accounts, Leads, ABC Company, John Smith, etc.).

Options would change with each successive action you take (typing or clicking on options), letting you progress a simple click at a time to exacly the information you need, without any advance knowledge of the underlying data schema, without having to formulate complex queries or navigate complex interfaces—without even having to leave the search text box! It's a sure-fire way to make even the most complex data sources accessible to all users.


  • Boosts efficiency
  • Increases search success
  • Democratizes information access
  • Helps users discover and understand the resources available within complex systems

Download our Product Brief, CloudView 360 for Search-Based Applications in the Enterprise to learn more.